ELTEC Industries Metal Works

Below is an example of the type of work carried out at ELTEC showing the processed involved.

A customer has asked for an aluminium motorcycle head to be cleaned totally to remove scale and dirt. This necessitates complete dismantling to remove the valves and to blast clean. The head will go through many processes from arrival at ELTEC premises to its return to the customer.

 Uncleaned head

The head is dismantled and thoroughly degreased, following which it will be blasted using Alumina Oxide in the blast cabinet below to remove the scale and dry dirt.

Blasting cabinet

The item is then put into a second cabinet to have a fine finish applied which uses a glass bead medium and high pressure water to achieve the desired final finish.

The finished item is given a quick application with an air line to remove any remaining glass bead medium. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the item is thoroughly clean and free of glass bead prior to use.

The premises at ELTEC include a blast cabinet big enough for even the largest car and motorcycle components, it is a shipping container converted to a blast room. It is typically used for removal of rust on larger components, including car body parts, vintage radiators and chassis parts to name a few.

Large blast cabinet


Unit 55, Bridge Works, Iver Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 2JG

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